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SURPRISE ! Earrings Baggie ( Not all Studs!)

SURPRISE ! Earrings Baggie ( Not all Studs!)

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The surprise stud earrings baggie includes one pair of AT stud earrings $35-$70 value for only $15

Mixed Jewish motifs to be worn by the coolest Jewish humans!

Studs are mixed currently in the vending machine of gold filled, gold plated and sterling. You get what you get! All studs of the styles included in these bags are nickel free .

High Quality Acrylic. Light Weight. 


1. If you ordered earrings, please remove earring backs first. Don't pull them from the front!

2. Most of our backings are silicone since it is more gentle on both your ear and the stud - it also provides the perfect amount of tension to keep your earrings on all day.

3. To protect your items, avoid sleeping or showering in them. Earrings are best kept on their card and inside the pouch when not wearing.


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Due to small batch production we don’t accept returns. If you have any questions about your order please be in touch with us.

We reserve the right to cancel & refund any order at any time.

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